Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strongsville Homecoming

Around here almost every town has an annual summer fest, and we missed our town's celebration last weekend, so we went to the one in Strongsville (Y: The Crossroads of the Nation... Go Mustangs!) this afternoon.

We got there around noon, bought tickets and starting riding the rides. Taipan wanted to do the Dizzy Dragons first, so he and I rode that... based on our experience at the Brecksville Home Days last month we didn't think Taisim would enjoy it, so she and Yuta sat it out.

After the Dragons both of the kids rode the Super Trucks and another Jeep/motorcycle ride.

And then Taipan said he wanted to ride The Hurricane! At first it looks like no big deal, but while I was watching Yuta and Taipan ride it I realized how fast and high it goes (Y: It really does sneak up on ya). Taipan was up against Yuta the entire time (Y: The centripetal force helped with that too), but afterwards I asked him what he thought and he said, "It was good". So there you have it.

Then we went to eat and discovered Cheese-on-a-Stick - mozzarella cheese fried in the same batter that is used for corn dogs. Yummy. (We had other food too, but the cheese on a stick was really the best thing.)

We couldn't leave without playing games, so the kids fished and got horns to bring home, and we played a "shoot the water in the mouth of a clown" game...

and Yuta won a funky stuffed baby dragon for each of the kids. (Y: We also won some plastic toy horns!) And we ran into friends, so hung out for another hour or so visiting with them.

Home Days are a good thing. Taipan asked us to capture video of all of the rides so he can watch them at home, so now he can relive it all in the comfort of our loft.

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