Monday, July 30, 2007

The weekend

This weekend was fun-filled for everyone! On Friday night Yuta and I went out for drink and a movie while the kids stayed with my in-laws. It was the second time in less than two weeks that we'd be out on a date. Incredible, huh?

We went to see The Simpsons movie, which was disappointing. Yuta liked it, but I was expecting something funnier and more clever. It was pretty much a super-long television episode. But it was nice to go out - we met some friends for drinks beforehand (they ended up seeing Live Hard or Die Free, and I'm not sure I would have enjoyed that any more).

On Saturday we went to a birthday party at The Little Gym. Yuta's best friend from middle school and high school, who was the best man at our wedding, has a daughter that is turning six, and they invited the kids to come to the party. Taisim and Taipan had a blast. So much so that I might look into a birthday party for Taipan there, and trying to find an open gym time they can go to. I've done some calling around, and the places I've talked to start open gym in the fall, which I suppose isn't too far away.

On Sunday the kids and I met up with some friends at the park. We all had a good time, espcially me, who could use more time hanging with other moms. After we got rained out at the park we went to our friends' house for a couple of hours, and when we left Taipan said he was hungry. I told him what we had to eat in the car, and none of it really sounded good to him, so I told him I'd look for restaurants on the way home. We saw a Panera and I thought "Perfect!", but the kids said they didn't want to go there. Right next to the Panera was a Golden Corral buffet, to which Taipan said, "Yes!". Well, I'm not sure what I was thinking because I was in way over my head. The place was packed, and it's not one long buffet like I was expecting, but a bazillion buffets all over the place, which is hard to do with two kids. I couldn't leave them at the table alone while I got food, and it was hard to drag them back and forth to the buffet. So, Taipan had one bit of awful mac & cheese... Taisim and I split a piece of chicken .... then we left.

After stopping to say hi to Yuta at work we came home and the kids had a super long bath. Some of you know that Taipan has had a bath aversion for most of the past year, so we've been doing sponge baths. Last week he wanted to get in the bath to play with the bath crayons (to which I said, "with water?"), and he's wanted to go in there twice since. With cold water. He doesn't like warm or hot water - it's gotta be cold. So Taipan draws race tracks on the side of the tub while Taisim plays with water and cups.

Then we had a nice bed time - Taipan asleep pretty early; Taisim not so much. And I started reading Harry Potter. I didn't get too far, but am hoping for the kids to be in bed early tonight so I can read some more.

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