Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Police

Last week while I was sitting in an all-day meeting in Chicago an email came through my work account from a guy that works in the Cleveland office saying that he had tickets to see The Police in Cleveland on July 16 and that he couldn't go and he'd sell them at face value. First come, first served.

So I immediately emailed him and said I was interested. And then during the first break we had at the meeting I left him a voice message. He called me back and said to say that the tix were mine and to let him know if we wanted two or four.

We made some calls to some friends, and took four tickets. The show last night was amazing. They opened with Message in a Bottle. It was just the three guys (Y: Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and of course, Sting), no huge sets or bands or back-up singers, and it was great. They played for about two hours and almost every song kicked ass.

(Y: To be able to rock so well as just a bass/guitar/drums trio is amazing... to be 55, 64, and 55 years-old is astounding. Hearing my favorite Police songs performed live was almost spiritual for me. I couldn't see the Synchronicity tour back in 1983/84, and The Police broke-up after that, so I thought my chance had gone... huzzah for second chances! To be able to share this with Karen made it all the more special... Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.)

We have a sitter that helps us out on Thursdays, but one or both of us is usually home too in case anything goes wrong. This was the first time she was with the kids alone for an extended period of time. I knew everything would be okay, but was a bit worried because I knew we'd be out late and that the kids would not go to sleep until we were home, and I didn't want Taisim to get too tired and cranky.

Well, we got home just after 11:30pm and everyone was tired, but in great moods. Yuta drove our sitter home, and the kids were asleep by midnight.

It's such a joy to know that we've found someone that can do the late nights for us - any time we'd one out in the past we felt like we had to rush home. I'm scanning upcoming shows/events in our area so that we can do more nighttime things!

And I should mention that Ama and Akon are *fabulous* sitters too, it's just not as easy for them to do the late nights.

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