Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, June 27-29

We left around 11am to drive to Niagara. We got there around 4, checked into our hotel, and my dad arrived shortly afterward. From the moment we left the house on Wednesday morning Taipan was talking about going to Lego City (the official name is Brick City). We told him that we might have to wait until Thursday to go, but he started mentioned it again while we were waiting to cross the border, and was so excited that we figured we might as well visit as soon as possible.

That was the first of three visits to Lego City. We spent about two hours there on Wednesday, and first thing on Thursday morning he wanted to go back, and of course we went again on Friday before heading home. While it feels like all we did was visit Lego City, we actually did quite a few other things too.

(Y: Taipan wanted to take some pictures...)


overly paranoid woman

employee's legs

On Wednesday night we all went on the Sky Wheel, and I learned that my dad doesn't enjoy heights or any kinds of thrill rides or spinning rides. I'm not fond of them either, but because the Sky Wheel is fully enclosed I felt okay on it.... until we rode again on Thursday night when there was a pretty strong wind, and the gondola rocked back and forth while we stopped to get passengers, and our doors didn't seal all the way so there was a whistling that I didn't like. And on top of that Taisim kept trying to push on the doors, and that made me very nervous, especially given that the seal wasn't complete. So I pushed the emergency call button and they got us out quickly. The neat thing is that when we rode with my dad we got a picture of me and him.... this is the only picture I think I have of just the two of us since I've been an adult (other than him walking me down the aisle at my wedding), and I don't even mind that he's looking a bit queasy.

On Thursday Taisim wasn't her usual easy-going, happy self - I think she might have been teething or something, and she ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap in the hotel room, but not before having some fun at the playground.

While she and I were resting, Taipan asked to go to the pool. Mind you, this is the kid that hates water. I guess he doesn't mind it so much any more (we actually went to the pool again at home on Saturday). I'm sorry that I missed what looks like a lot of fun; we're going to Daytona in August, and I can't wait to do more playing at the beach and at the slides and play area they'll have at our condo.

Let's see.... we also played mini-golf - not fun with a 3.5 year old and 16 month old - they didn't quite get the waiting for our turn at certain holes, and that we had to move on to let other people do them. It was high stress for me. And we spent a little bit of time in an arcade, and went to the Rainforest Cafe, and got DQ blizzards & shakes. Grandma, Grandpa, Elyse & Jason rode on the Maid of the Mist, which I think they enjoyed.

Overall it was a nice trip to Niagara. Taisim's not feeling well was hard; Taipan wanting to spend so much time at Lego City meant that we had to revise our expectations, though I'm not sure why we expected not to spend that much time there - he just loves seeing model trains. I think once my dad got past how touristy it was they had a good time too.

Next time we go, Yuta and I are riding the dang boat though (we'd planned to go the day that Taisim wasn't feeling well and didn't feel good not staying with her).

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