Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update from Chicago

Here's an email Yuta sent to his family yesterday... I'm too lazy to write something too at this point, other than that Yuta and the kids did go to the Railway Museum and had a great time.

Just a quick note letting you know that we're in Chicago until Saturday, and we're having a great time so far! We're staying at the Hyatt Place in Hoffman Estates (right by Schaumburg, IL), and it's quite lovely. Each room has a 42" plasma flat-panel HDTV (and we're enjoying it very much... at least I am). While Karen was working today the kids & I went to Wal-Mart (exciting!)...

and the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, where we got to play with the iPhone!!!! Taipan & Taisim were very impressed with the multi-touch interface, and I was just drooling. It's the 2nd largest mall in America we found out, and there are a LOT more Asians than in Ohio :) They also had a LEGO store, which the kids found fun.

Tomorrow we're planning on going to the Illinois Railway Museum where they have 300 acres of historic trains of various types (electric, steam, diesel) and states of operation (most still run, and they have a depot with train yard and 5 mile loop of track). It's either that or the Navy Pier where the Chicago Children's Museum is. We'll see what choice we make in the morning.

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