Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Auntie Yuli & Uncle Keith were here

Our Memorial Day weekend got off to a great start. Yuta's sister, Yuli, and her new fiance, Keith came to visit. We've known Keith for a while, but he just proposed after a whirlwind day of surprises, topped off by a surprise trip to England, where he proposed at Scarborough Castle. A very romantic story indeed. And of course she said yes. (actually, the story is that he said, "so are you gonna marry me or what?" and she responded, "ok")

So they came to town and the kids had a blast. Unfortunately Yuli was a bit sick on Saturday, but that didn't stop them from offering to watch the kids that night so that Yuta and I could go out for a bit. And of course we're so lame that we couldn't think of anything to do .... there were no movies we really wanted to see, we weren't hungry, it was rainy so we couldn't sit outside or go for a walk. We ended up at a Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and trivia!

They left for Pittsburgh on Sunday, taking along some of the baby paraphernalia that has been cluttering up my garage (Keith's brother is expecting twins any day now, so we passed some things on to the Fisher clan).

Yuta's mom and dad are in Taiwan right now, and last I heard Yuli had not been able to reach them to share news of the engagement. Here's hoping that they don't find out from this blog :-/

(yuli & keith... send up some pics to post... we left the picture taking to you while you were here)


Tim said...

Nothing wrong with Buffalo Wild Wings for trivia. I'm single and love doing that on the weekend. Then again, maybe I'm lame, so maybe I'm not such a good guide... :)

kcbhsu said...

I don't think you're lame! I'd had higher expectations on the trivia game. We had 30 mins of hockey questions. It's a good thing that they all but give you the answers as the time runs out.