Monday, May 7, 2007

Writing letters

Over the past couple of weeks Taipan has been writing a few letters in the air with his finger, and once or twice he wrote a j or u with a dry erase marker.

Tonight he expanded a bit. We were out doing chalk on the driveway, and he wrote a bunch of Us, Vs, Ws, Ts, and S, X & A .... and backwards 7s & 9s, plus a bunch of zeros.... he wanted me to write the numbers up to 9900. I cheated a bit and counted by 100s.

He wasn't quite ready to try writing his name. If the chalk is on the driveway in the morning we'll snap a pic.

A portion of the 9900

Taipan's 8 (in blue)

Taipan's 9 (backwards)

Taipan's zeros

More zeros

He wrote HI

N, O, P

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