Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last weekend Yuta, the kids and I went to Train-O-Rama. It's one of Taipan's favorite places, and it is fast becoming a favorite of Taisim's too.

Yuta hadn't been there in about six months (since Ling went with us at Thanksgiving), and I don't think he realized how much he'd missed visiting.

While were there we reminisced about our first visit to T.O.R. last fall. Taisim was about eight months old, so not walking, and not talking at all. She spent her time in the sling, and would often times take naps. Taipan wasn't yet 3, and the biggest difference is his height! We used to not be able to see his head over all of the plexi-glass barriers, but now it's easy to spot him no matter where he is in the place.

After T.O.R. we drove over to the Marblehead lighthouse - it wasn't open for tours yet, but there's a pretty big area to walk around and play in. The kids climbed on rocks, and across the lake you can see Cedar Point and the roller coasters, which Taipan loved. We had a nice lunch at the picnic tables, and then drove home.

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