Friday, May 4, 2007

What's going on with Taisim?

So it's time for me to brag on my kids a bit and tell everyone the cool, cute and funny things they're doing these days.

Let's start with baby girl. She has got to be one of the sweetest kids I know. She is so smiley and happy! We've been doing a lot of puzzles lately, and she actually likes helping me with jigsaw puzzles more than the wooden kind. She's also having a lot of fun with a new Pound-A-Ball toy. We really need to get some video of her with that thing. She bangs the hell out of it, and lord help you if you get your fingers in the way. And she's got about fifteen words she says, like mama, papa, ball, bagel, bye, hi, barney (!), strawberry, blueberry, no, this, these, ama and go.

Both of the kids have been enjoying wipe-off books and our dry erase board. Taisim love love loves to play with pens, crayons, and now the dry erase markers. The first set of markers she played with was non-washable, so we quickly went and got some washables, and that's made clean up a bit easier.

I've really got to get some pictures uploaded! Soon I hope.

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