Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We spent our Memorial Day driving to Michigan to go to Ikea. Since our tv wasn't working, we decided to get it out of the house, get rid of the entertainment center we had (thank you, craigslist.com), rearrange our living room, and buy a desk to hold a new monitor and computer that will be our media center, and where Yuta can play the Wii and watch DVDs.

I found everything we were looking for in a desk at Ikea. The problem was that it wasn't available for online ordering. So I looked around to see if I could find something else that would fit the bill, and couldn't find anything that was in our price range that we liked. We originally planned to get it in Pittsburgh - it was in stock there on Friday, but not on Sunday - which is about a 2 hour drive. The next closest Ikea is in Canton, Michigan, which is about 3 hours away, west of Detroit. So off we went.

We left home at 11:30am, and didn't get back until 9:30pm. We loved it. The kids did okay - Taipan wasn't pleased on the drive there, and Taisim complained a bit on the way home (which resulted in an hour-long stop at a service plaza). They both had a good time playing at Ikea, and they both loved the Swedish meatballs that they sell at the Ikea cafe (and we ended up bringing home two bags of frozen meatballs).

We also got a cool table for the kids to use as a computer table/craft table with a couple of chairs (in red) - I acutally worked at it a bit this morning and it's nice. I got a few other odds and ends, but showed great restraint and didn't get much that wasn't on our shopping list.

Yuta put together the kids table last night, and the bottom portion of his desk this morning. I am really happy with the choices. Taisim had a good time helping Papa with the tools and screws last night. I was too tired to get the camera, but you can use your imagination :-)

For the Florida folks - your Ikea opens in the fall of 2007 at the Mall at Millenia.


Jon said...

IKEA in Oregon opens in Summer 2007!

tim said...

Was this your first IKEA experience? The first time I was there, I felt like I was in some grown-ups' toy store. So big, so much to see. Too bad they don't have one in Indiana...

kcbhsu said...

Yup, it was the first time we'd been to a store, though we'd looked online many many times. We're thinking of going again when we go to Chicago at Thanksgiving