Friday, May 25, 2007

The Coloring is on the Wall

Taipan is not a big crayon, marker, coloring kinda kid. Never was, especially at 15 months. Well, of course, every kid is different.... and Taisim loves pens, crayons, markers, chalk, not so much into paint though.

Anyway, we have a box of crayons and markers that we pull out frequently. And she often eyes a stray pen lying around and asks to play with it. Until recently she kept mostly to paper (sometimes the paper was in books, but that's just a minor detail).

The other day I found ball point pen on the big red chair. It's almost all out now.

Today Taisim was playing upstairs, and she has a renewed interest in the bath toys, so she's been opening the bathroom drawers a lot and pulling out toys. I kinda forgot we had bathtub crayons in there. And she didn't show me when she found them. So I didn't know to get paper for her. And she find her own canvas. Our bedroom wall.

Here's the picture of her work:

And here's how pissed she was when we stopped her:

So she was tired, which contributed to how upset she was. We showed her that she could color on paper or the bathtub, but no-go.

She keeps us on our toes. It never occurred to me that one of the kids would write on our walls. Well, I was wrong :-)

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Raluca said...

I know what you are going through. Gavin is the one in our family who loves to color on walls. We have wallpaper so thank goodness for magic eraser. :)