Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crazy Kids (bedtime)

Our kids are crazy. We've had interesting bedtimes over the past few weeks, and usually it's Taipan that makes things interesting. Last night was different though. Yuta was at a store meeting, and within 20 minutes of him walking through the door I took Taisim upstairs for bed. Despite seeming very tired the whole time Yuta was gone, she was not even close to falling asleep. So we went back downstairs to play with Yuta and Taipan.

Around 11pm (yes, late, I know) we came back upstairs - surely she'd be tired by then. Well, I think she was tired, but maybe delirious too. She was on the bed and at first started wiggling her head around and rocking back and forth (think Stevie Wonder). This progressed to minor flopping around on the bed.... which progressed to wall-banging. She'd stand up on the bed, bang into the wall and laugh and laugh and laugh. Then do it again. And flop around. And bang into the wall. For about 45 minutes. Of course Taipan thought this looked like fun too, so he joined in. Yuta and I did the best we could to protect ourselves and make sure no one fell off the bed.

So it was a late night. And I was very tired. But we had fun with our crazy, giggling, wall-banging, bed-flopping kids.

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