Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day 2007... Eve

Every Father's Day since the kids have been born I've been lucky enough to receive gifts that were either made by the kids or involved pictures of the kids, so this year I decided to get the kids to make something for Mother's Day. I had this grand plan all laid out...

1. While Karen was at the spa enjoying a much deserved break, the kids & I were to go to Starbucks and pick up a "Create Your Own Tumbler" I had set aside, a Starbucks handle bag, and Starbucks tissue paper.

2. Once home, have the kids write and draw on a piece of paper cut to fit into the aforementioned tumbler.

3. Assemble tumbler and wrap in tissue paper.

4. Wrap other Mother's Day gift in tissue paper.

5. Place both in paper bag and top with tissue paper.

6. Leave for work at 5:45am Sunday morning and leave bag in bed to surprise Karen.

Everything went fairly well until somewhere in between #5 and #6. As soon as Karen got home from the spa, Taipan, in his excitement to have Mama home says "Mama, we got a cup for you at Starbucks!"

Curses... foiled again! So I decided to give Karen her Mother's Day gift early, and all was well in the world.
And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling kid :)

The decorated insert. Taipan wrote the message mostly by himself. Taisim did the doodles and stickers all by herself.

The final product!


Kiersten said...

I love the cup! Handmade stuff from the kiddos is the best :)


Linda said...

They did a great job! Wow, Taipan is writing his letters very well!

kcbhsu said...

Yuta forgot to mention that he also gave me a beautiful pair of earrings. It was a great Mother's Day with the kids and Yuta - I felt very special and loved.