Monday, May 7, 2007

Splinter Drama

On Saturday we went to a friend's Cinco de Mayo fiesta. We all had a blast - the only bad thing is that Taipan got a splinter in his toe. We unsuccessfully tried to get it out at the party and figured we'd just try to get it out when we got home. Well, after a day and a half of trying to squeeze it out, tweeze it and poke at it with a safety pin, it finally came out this afternoon.

Our plan was actually to have Taipan soak his foot, and then try to get it out. Well, our bath-and-water adverse son did not go for the soaking. And every time we tried to get at it his toe would wiggle non-stop. He would actually let us look at it, and he'd hold the rest of his body pretty still, but he could not keep the toe from wiggling and we had a hard time holding it still.

What finally worked? Simplicity! I sat with him on the couch, put some Hyland's Bruises and Bumps ointment on it and pushed a little with my thumbnail. He'd ask me to stop and put more medicine on it, which I'd do. Every time I'd pick up the tweezers he'd flinch, so I just kept at it with the ointment and squeezing. After about six good squeezes it came out. Voila! If only I'd realized sooner that it was the tweezers that was causing all the anxiety.

He's still limping a bit and keeping his toes curled when he walks, but I'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time.


keith said...

Uncle Keith sez from experience - "Those toes will uncurl in no time!"

yuli said...

Awww ... first splinter. What a trooper!